Hosting for all level business

We have provided various packages in the hosting section. To help our hosting customers useful and effective packages in various commercial, industrial and private areas. For companies that need more space. We have special packages. We have special packages for those who have a lot of visits to their website. We have special packages for those who only have a regular website. For those who have bookkeeping software we have special and effective packages for those who want to resell our hosts. View Details

Bulk SMS Services

Zarvan Service Company has long been providing special SMS bulk packages and has the best bulk SMS service in Afghanistan. The company uses multiple route to send your text messages. And make sure your SMS reaches the target. With these services, customers can send millions of commercial or promotional text messages to their customers within seconds. View Details

Free Hosting for Students

Zarvan Host Branch of ZarvanServices Company has decided to create free hosting and domain packages. These special packages are for students and those looking to add to their education. With these hosting packages, students can post their work projects for free and check out the features of the programs or websites in the online media. View Details